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  • What is artistic swimming?
    Can you imagine performing acrobatics, looking graceful, keeping in time to music, all while holding your breath? That’s artistic swimming! Artistic swimming combines elements of swimming, dance, and gymnastics into a synchronized performance in the water. Swimmers perform choreographed routines individually, in duets, or in teams, where they synchronize their movements to music. The routines involve a combination of acrobatic movements, lifts, spins, and formations, all while maintaining a graceful and artistic presentation. To learn more about artistic swimming, check out these YouTube videos.
  • Is artistic swimming different from synchronized swimming?
    Artistic swimming and synchronized swimming refer to the same sport. The sport was originally known as synchronized swimming, but in 2017, the International Swimming Federation (FINA, now World Aquatics) officially changed its name to artistic swimming to better reflect the creative and artistic elements of the sport. The name change from synchronized swimming to artistic swimming aimed to emphasize the artistic and expressive aspects of the sport and to distinguish it from competitive swimming events like freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke.
  • What age and skill level do you need to be to join?
    We welcome athletes from ages 6 - 18. Novice athletes need to be able to swim a minimum of 25 yards unassisted and be comfortable in deep water up to 8 feet and more. If your athlete is not ready to commit to Novice, check out our Pre-Novice Program!
  • Am I too old to join artistic swimming?
    It is never too old to start artistic swimming! We welcome athletes ages 6-18 with all skill abilities. Stay tuned for a masters team.
  • What equipment do I need for synchronized swimming?
    All athletes should arrive to practice in a swimsuit with workout clothes on top and running shoes. Athletes should have their hair up and sunscreen on when they arrive. Tinted goggles are recommended for day practice and untinted goggles for evening practices. NOVICE: One piece swimsuit, workout clothes, running shoes, flip flops, cap, goggles, 2+ nose clips, towel, water, sunscreen, yoga mat, parka INTERMEDIATE: One piece swimsuit, workout clothes, running shoes, flip flops, cap, goggles, 2+ nose clips, towel, water, sunscreen, yoga mat, parka, resistance band AGE GROUP: One piece or athletic two piece swimsuit, workout clothes, running shoes, flip flops, cap, goggles, 2+ nose clips, towel, water, sunscreen, yoga mat, parka, resistance band, waterproof ankle weights, jump rope
  • Where are practices held?
    Practices are held at Del Norte High School (16601 Nighthawk Lane, San Diego, CA 92127)
  • Do practices run all year long?
    Our athletes train September-June and participate in summer camps and clinics.
  • What if I don’t want to compete? Do you offer a recreational program?
    Athletes that are interested in recreational artistic swimming will train as routine alternates, learning all of the skills and choreography and forming bonds with their teammates without the pressure of participating in competitions.
  • What are the benefits of artistic swimming?
    Artistic swimming is a niche sport with a small tight knit community; with talent, discipline and practice, athletes can be among one of the top athletes in the sport. Artistic swimming takes the strength and power of weightlifters, the speed and lung capacity of distance swimmers, the flexibility and skill of gymnasts and the ability to perform in sync with the music and each other. Athletes walk away with mental and physical benefits that last a lifetime!
  • Are there any shows that family and friends can attend?
    For Novice athletes, there are two water shows each season for family and friends to come view. For Intermediate and Age Group athletes, in addition to the two water shows, there are anywhere from 2-6 local, regional and national competitions.
  • Are there any safety measures in place during practices?
    Every coach at San Dieguito Sea Dragons is lifeguard certified, background checked, and maintains CCP1+ Coaches Training. All our coaches are USAAS SafeSport certified.
  • I am a former artistic swimmer interested in coaching. Who should I contact?
    Please email with your resume/artistic swimming experience and a brief coaching philosophy statement.
  • Can I try out a synchronized swimming practice before becoming a member?
    Yes, the first week is free! Please fill out this form to get your free trial week.
  • How do we officially join the San Dieguito Sea Dragons?
    Fill out this form: Sea Dragons Registration
  • How do you donate or sponsor San Dieguito Sea Dragons?
    San Dieguito Sea Dragons is a 501(c)3 non-profit youth sports organization, Federal Tax ID (EIN): 88-4357521. San Dieguito Sea Dragons appreciates the generosity of individuals in the community and welcomes your tax-deductible donations. Please email us for more details!
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